Baku the Dream Eater

Baku the Dream Eater
Baku (source: the noominarium)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome all! A Little Bit About Me...

Hi there!  Thanks so much for coming to my blog, and reading my (hopefully) helpful tips on how to keep your dog happy and healthy.  I'm eager to keep you coming back, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about myself and why I started doing this.  It'll probably take a few posts to really get to know me, but here's an introduction:

The word Noomi is a bit of a pet name for me, created by my partner.   When I struggled to start a new blog and have a catchy title, this popped into my head, and there it was :) 

I've been a veterinary technician since 2000, and I am, simply put, a dog person.  Put me in a room with a dog of any size or breed, and I guarantee that dog and I will be best friends in an hour :)     I have always wanted to have lots of dogs, and I've grown up with them.  I feel that they truly are (Wo)man's Best Friend.

I know there are a lot of other dog people out there, and I'd love to help spread the word to them about health and wellness issues that are important in keeping your family member happy for years to come.    

Animal health has come a long way, really in the past 20 years.   Information on the best pet food, whether or not vaccines are really needed every single year, and even the kinds of toys that are better suited to your dog, all are very important topics.  I hope to be able to show fellow dog lovers how to help with information on a TON of topics!  

And as for the handsome dapper guy at the top of my page, I'll be talking about him a lot, as he was the dog nearest to my heart.  His name was Baku, and he started out (with us) as a stray that we adopted back in 2004.  He swiftly became part of our "pack" as we called it, and taught both my partner and I how to love the small-yet-large kind of dog that he was.  Little dog syndrome, Napoleon complex, whatever you want to call it, he definitely had it.  But he was silly and fun, and energetic, easy to train, but hard to understand.  Also handsome, obviously!

However, this past year, as he approached his (estimated) 15th birthday, he started to get....well, old.  He went from the wise elder statesman to a cranky, grumpy old man.  His vision was fading, as was his hearing, and his bladder didn't work too well either.   While we can certainly handle those things (and diapering a dog isn't as difficult as it seems) , he also started to develop a condition called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, which is kind of like Alzheimer's disease for dogs. I'll address that in a future post, but it made my little man pretty unhappy.   

In March, my partner and I felt that Baku's quality of life was diminishing even though he ate and drank well, and did want attention and scratches.  He would become 'lost' in the house, and would cry when he ended up in a corner and couldn't get out.   He had the amazing talent of avoiding any assistance up or down stairs, and then trip up or down a number of stairs.  And he was just miserable most of the time.  It was painful to watch and we decided to let him go.  The hardest decision I ever made, and 5 months later, I still feel this huge hole in my life.   We have decided to wait for a year or so before we get another furry buddy.

So, to ease my own pain, as well as connect with other dog people, I started this blog.  It is in part due to Baku that I have this much love for other dogs, and it's because of his selflessness to his pack that I want to share it.

I hope you'll stay with me and follow me on my journey to learn and share as much about dogs as possible.  I have decided to post every Friday from now on, in order to give me some time as needed to create a post, while alternately working and doing all the other *stuff* I have to do.

That being said, If you have a topic you would like me to tackle, or a person or vet that you think needs a post, let me know!  I'm happy to take requests.