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Baku the Dream Eater
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Friday, June 9, 2017

5 Android Apps for Dog Lovers

Hi and thanks for coming to my blog today!

Today I want to go over some helpful smartphone apps for you and your pup.  These apps can help you keep your dog healthy, and can offer assistance in an emergency.  The reason it took this long for the post is that I had SO many possible choices for today’s subject and it took me a few extra days to choose which ones to highlight.   

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid to support any apps and I credit the person or company that has created the app. Like most people, I’m wary about downloading any app that asks for a lot of permissions, so I’ve used that same attitude with this list.  As with anything on the internet, choose your apps wisely .. In my next blog post I’ll include my picks for you iPhone users, never fear!

Petcoach by Petco.  FREE to download (requires permission to obtain information via internet connection):
This app is very helpful in my opinion. Petco has a staff of licensed veterinarians on call, so if you have a question about your pet, whether it’s for a chronic condition, or an acute issue like an injury, you can get an answer very quickly.   You can also look at their comprehensive FAQ for many questions you might have.   Even though I don’t have a dog right now, I have downloaded this app because I think it’s a great thing to take with you!  

Pet First Aid created by the Red Cross. FREE to download (requires permission to access contact info, wifi, and information via internet connection):
Just as with people, dogs will occasionally need emergency vet care.  This app gives you access to an information database of warning signs to help you assess your pet’s condition in an emergency. For example, there is a step by step explanation on how to treat a pet if he's bleeding.  The most informative thing I found was the list of signs of heatstroke, which is a great tool to have for the summer!    

Pet Planner by DBSOFT2000. FREE to download but contains ads (no special permissions):
This app is essentially a ‘day planner’ for your dogs.  You can add all of your pets to the calendar, and set reminders for exams, vaccines, medication, or recheck vet visits for any chronic issues.  It also has reminders for when your dog food might be running low.  This feature is great for a busy dog parent; because there is nothing worse than finally coming home after a long day and realizing your pup has no food! You can add custom photos of your pets to the calendar so that you know at a glance which pet needs what and when.

Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax.  FREE to download but contains ads (requires permission to track location):
This is a rather new app, and I really love it. When you sign up, it’ll find any rescue groups or humane societies in your area, and you can choose which one you’d like to raise money for. As you walk your dog, you can track your progress, and the money raised for your chosen organization is based on how far you walk. The money that goes to the shelters is raised by donations from sponsors and the ads. It sounds pretty easy; all I have to do is take my phone with me to walk the dog, and track my walking I walk for Lulu’s Rescue in Point Pleasant, PA.