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Baku the Dream Eater
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Friday, June 23, 2017

5 iPhone Apps for Dog Lovers

See?  I told you Apple connoisseurs I wouldn't forget you!   Here are some really cool apps to use to help you and your dog stay healthy and still have fun this summer.
(again, no compensation was given to me for the promotion of these apps, I just thought they'd be helpful.  Credit is given when it's provided)

iKibble Free by LlamaFace (FREE) 
     Ever wonder "Can my dog eat this?"  I know I have, and sometimes it's not that easy!  This app gives you a list of things your dog can/can't and shouldn't eat large quantities of.  You can use it to save favorites of things your dog eats regularly (my dog was a lover of deer poop....can you say "ewww"?)  There's also a cool feature that can share your findings with family or friends so that they can use this for their own pet.

Pet Diary by TML Surface (FREE)
This app gives you places to put appointments for your dog's vaccination, vet exams, puppy play dates, and allows you to add cute pictures and diary entries to records the times when your kiddo does something funny (or not so funny!) Honestly, that part would sell me, my dog was always doing something funny or dumb.

Blu- my doggie tester.  Owned by my friend Caroline

Wag! by Wag Lab, Inc (FREE)
    This app was recommended by a friend of mine who frequently has to hire dog walkers.  You can vet walkers based on ratings from other people, and you can make sure they're taking your pup on the correct amount of walks and the duration.  It also has a report card for the walker to fill out so the owner knows how well behaved the pup has been :) 

Banfield Wellness Tracker by Banfield (FREE)
     This app can schedule appointments for your pet through Banfield, making planning vaccine appointments, as well as visits for your pets that might have a chronic condition quicker. It will also use your phone's GPS to find the closest Banfield. Makes things much more convenient when you know exactly when your pet(s) need their shots or their medication.

Walk for a Dog by Woof Trax (FREE)
     Yep, I doubled this one because I really like what it's doing and I know this can help so many pups in shelters. When you sign up, it’ll find any rescue groups or humane societies in your area, and long as they're participating, you can choose which one you’d like to raise money for. The money comes from sponsors and donations (some from ads) and the amount of walking you track helps give that money to your chosen shelter. It sounds pretty easy; all you have to do is take your phone with you to walk the dog, and track your walking. Even though I don't have a dog at this time, I track my walking for Lulu’s Rescue in Point Pleasant, PA.